The Floating Man

Author: Katharine TowersPublisher: Picador

The Floating Man is a collection of short poems which, unlike some poetry, is an accessible piece of art and shouldn’t fail to attract a wide audience. Its language is unpretentious and topics such as the natural world, history and music are a familiar starting point to enjoy these short thought-provoking poems.

In today’s hustle and bustle of life, Katharine Towers’ poems are excellent reading material for public transport commuters who want to escape to a calming world of sea life and forests.

Towers’ most accessible poems are those depicting the natural world as they provide a more casual read. Readers might want to make the effort to play those pieces of music that appear in Towers’ collection; it is a refreshing new way to look at her poems and certainly recommendable.

My favourite poems include Planting Tulips, The Chinese Philosopher, and The Language Spider as they have a subtle sense of humour. Poems like First Word and The Floating Man require some research to understand all historical references, but by doing so you can fully appreciate and acknowledge Towers’ collection.

The Floating Man is recommendable to anyone who thinks poetry is not accessible reading material as this work will definitely prove its worth.

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