The Armour of Achilles

Author: Glyn IliffePublisher: Pan Macmillan

The Armour of Achilles is the third book in Glyn Iliffe’s Odysseus series, after King of Ithaca and The Gates of Troy. 10 years have passed since Odysseus’ parting with his wife Penelope from the small Island of Ithaca, 10 years since the beginning of the Trojan War and the Greek army is no closer to defeating the Trojan army and capturing Troy.

We join Odysseus and his Captain Eperitus at a pivotal moment in the Trojan War, King Agamemnon faces possible mutiny from his soldiers and allies of Troy from Amazonia and the Aethiopes approach to break the Siege imposed by the Greeks. But to add even more hardship to Agamemnons’ current situation he has also angered one of the most feared and respected soldiers in the Greek army, Achilles the Myrmidon Prince.

If you have always fancied reading the original Iliad written by Homer, but like me find the poetry hard to read, then look no further than this series by Glyn Iliffe. It has all the important details of the Iliad with very little deviation from the original story, unlike some other more accessible versions. Eperitus’ storyline is intertwined with Odysseus’ journey, meaning there is no straight line to follow, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat right up to the end of the book. There is plenty of deceit, greed, betrayal, revenge and madness for the reader to enjoy which will leave you craving the next story in the series.

If Greek Mythology is an interest of yours or you just enjoy reading about the Classics, and want to read an excellent edition of the Iliad with all the most famous of Greek Heroes and Kings, then The Armour of Achilles might be for you.

If you really enjoy Greek mythology I would also recommend you look into two books by Robert Graves, The Greek Myths I & II: they provide an excellent translation of the Greek Myths and how their interpretation has changed over time.

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