So…You’re a Creative Genius, Now What?

Author: Carl KingPublisher: Michael Wiese Productions

Creative people can be slightly strange. It’s a calling card, look at David Bowie and Frank Zappa. A blog post by the Author Carl King Ten Myths About Introverts, had gone viral. It seemed to hit a massive nerve with a lot of people, myself included. It seemed that there was a whole subculture of creative people with profoundly similar traits, and that this was not necessarily a bad thing. This compelling blog post led me onto an even more interesting book about creativity. So Your A Creative Genius…Now What? fleshes out the intricate landscapes of the creative mind and gives a credible voice and a concrete methodology for creative living. So that free-spirited creative people can channel their scintillating ideas into real action and results.

I dreaded that this could perhaps be an optimistic and shrill American self-help book of the Anthony Robbins ilk. Although it isn’t even in the same universe. There is a refreshing lack of fluff, with concise statements like the good news is…no one cares.

King speaks about how he managed to make $70,000US through his online business during the recession. Later he tells of how a fan asked for his autograph and he later needed to call his mother to ask her to pay for his hotel room. He reveals the patchy landscape that many freelance creative people face. The constant treading on water and tentative, vulnerable nature of everything when trying to turn art into paid work

This gives courage to artists to take heart and plough on through the recession. King gives practical and realistic advice that is easy to implement. Simple, business advice that anybody with half a brain should know. However, as any creative person knows, it’s the simple things often fall to the wayside when creating an artistic masterpiece: bathing, washing ones hair, eating well, exercising, sleeping in a regular pattern, meeting deadlines, creating a high quality of work, and answering queries promptly.

These things are not new, but King manages to put his own stamp on old adages. His witty irreverent style is an easily digestible couple of hours of reading. For creative folk, it is by turns exhilarating, psychedelic and banal ride and crosses many borderlands where creativity meets the real world and business.

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