Prime Deception

Author: Carys JonesPublisher: Carina

Smart, beautiful, talented Lorna Thomas is found dead in her car and is presumed to have committed suicide. We learn that Lorna was a young intern at 10 Downing Street and had an affair with the Deputy Prime Minister, Charles Lloyd. When their affair fizzled out, Lorna was approached by a tabloid reporter who sought his “big break” and believed her story would be it. The day before Lorna was due to sell her salacious story about their affair she is found dead.

When Charles hears of the death of Lorna he falls into a downward spiral of depression. After being unhappy in his marriage to his wife, Elaine, for a number of years, he realises that he really loved Lorna and her death torments him for months. When Lorna’s twin sister Laurie follows in her sister’s footsteps and becomes an intern at 10 Downing Street, she seeks out Charles’ assistance in uncovering the mystery of Lorna’s death. Laurie is convinced that her twin was murdered, and together Charles and she work together to hunt down the killer. Whilst working together Charles begins to fall in love with Laurie and hopes that these feelings are reciprocated.

On paper, Prime Deception looked set to be a thrilling mystery. However, after twenty pages it proved to be nothing of the sort. I am sorry to say that is was, quite simply, one of the worst novels I have ever read for a number of reasons.

All of the characters were incredibly unlikable. Charles’ obsession with both Lorna and Laurie was uncomfortable because of the considerable age gap between them and the way he easily switched his feelings of “love” from one twin to the other. There were a significant number of typos throughout the novel, which was unprofessional for a published piece of work. The direction Jones took the plot-line – in terms of revealing the identity of the killer – was obvious from the onset. There were a couple of red herrings thrown in towards the end but ultimately it proved to be disappointing and predictable. Finally, the overall quality of the writing was poor. Charles’ repeated declarations of love and devotion to Lorna and then to Laurie, and his unhappiness in his marriage quickly became banal and were a weak attempt at describing romantic love.

I was hugely disappointed with this novel. I had such high hopes at the beginning but I was all too suddenly disappointed and the remainder of the novel proved really tedious. It was the sort of novel you could potentially read in an airport, but even then I think a last ditch return to the bookshop would be arranged. It does pain me to have to write such a scathing review, but there were just no redeeming qualities. Needless to say, I do not think I will be rushing to read any other works by Jones.

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