Author: Simon ScarrowPublisher: Headline

Another successful edition to the Roman series following on from The Legion has arrived in the form of Praetorian.

After travelling all across the furthest fringes of the Roman Empire in the East, subduing the threat posed by the Nubians to Egypt, Macro and Cato are on their way back to Rome. However, all is not as it seems in the Palace of the Emperor, especially when Macro and Cato are informed, through an agent of Narcissus, of the task that they must do for him to avoid a repeat visit to the desolate fringes of the Empire.

Upon their return to Rome, treachery is afoot in the Praetorian Guard and Claudius’ time as Emperor seems to be running out. In order to smoke out and deal with the traitors, our two heroes must return to the ranks and infiltrate the darkest circles of the most corrupt military unit of the Roman Empire. Will Macro and Cato prevent Rome from plunging into another time of civil unrest like that of Marius and Sulla?

Scarrow’s latest book is no disappointment; Macro and Cato’s military career hasn’t slowed down since The Legion, if anything it has stepped up a gear. The series has lost none of its zeal and intrigue and the novel is full of the darkness of the Roman times. Just like The Legion, Praetorian isn’t a cut and dried story; it keeps you on your toes as nothing is what it seems, bringing home to the reader just how treacherous things really are.

The calibre of Scarrow’s writing is excellent and it will wet the appetite of every reader interested in historically flavoured novels. If you enjoyed The Legion… buckle up for an even better time with Praetorian!

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