Interview with Glyn Iliffe – Part 1

Who knows what stories will stand the test of time? Many books are forgotten, yet there are a few works of literature that endure the march of the ages and keep fascinating new audiences while the world around them has forever changed. Who doesn’t love a classic? In this revered […]

Interview with Jemima Catlin

A love of books and stories is a precious thing which, once sparked, lasts a lifetime. For most of us, this love started out as a childhood infatuation, with that one tale that you read so passionately that it felt like actually living the adventure, wide-eyed and with heart thumping. […]

Interview with Carl-Johan Vallgren

It’s an old Nordic myth that tells that where warmth and cold collide, creativity begins. When it comes to the art of storytelling, this still holds true for Scandinavia, having brought forth some of the most atmospheric tales cherished today. Drawing together heart-warming innocence and chilling realism in his novel […]