Interview with Daniel MacCannell

You have to love a writer who democratizes and demystifies subjects previously owned by experts. Bristol-based writer Daniel MacCannell has done just that for Scottish Architecture. A broad range of experience and personal interest helped him to distill the vast topic into easily consumable, hugely enlightening morsels of information. With How […]

Interview with Marian Dillon

Writing is a way of life for Marian Dillon, author of Looking for Alex and The Lies Between Us. After publishing several stories for children and young adults, she completed an MA in Creative Writing and joined a writer’s group. Her first adult novel Looking for Alex was published in 2013 […]

An interview with Sarah A. Chrisman

In this time of instant and universal email traffic, built-in grammar checkers, desktop publishing and online writing courses, do we ever stop and think just how writers got by in the olden days? Without having Wikipedia at their beck and call, or being able to drag their laptop to any […]

Steven A McKay’s interview with Glyn Iliffe

In the past, we’ve had our fair share of interviews with many talented authors sitting down with us to talk about their passion for literature, getting into what they think is the secret to writing a great novel. This time, we are going to try something a little different, because […]

Interview with Simon Scarrow 

Over the last fifteen years, Simon Scarrow has made a name for himself as one of Britain’s most prolific writers of historical fiction. His immensely popular Eagle series has seen a new adventure almost every year since 2000. Number thirteen, Brothers In Blood came out last year. Apart from this […]

Interview with Linda Holeman

It is said that there’s often a fine line between authors and their characters. Because reading is such a personal affair, it’s easy to read too much into one of your favourite stories, hoping to discover some privileged sense that the writer is confiding in you as a reader. In […]

Interview with David Beers

They say you should never judge a book by its cover. Still, in some cases, it helps to be warned. And The Devil’s Dream by American author David Beers certainly does look pretty ominous, with promises of sinister and bloody subjects lurking under its thin veneer. Indeed, it’s a story of […]

Interview with Steven A. McKay

A writer’s life can take strange and unexpected turns. Our next guest knows that well. One minute, you’re an unassuming meter reader sidelining as a guitarist in a heavy metal combo; the next, you’re talking to crowds of fans about hitting it big at one of the world’s most important literary […]

Interview with Eva Stachniak

Royal histories have enjoyed a resurgent popularity in recent years. Alive with electrifying drama, decadence and power-plays, these tales about kingship have a sensuous appeal that lifts us from the mundane settings of our everyday lives. At the same time, behind these regal visages, we are often struck by the ultimately […]

Interview with Glyn Iliffe – Part 2

Welcome back! Last week, we spoke to Glyn Iliffe, author of The Adventures of Odysseus, about his fascination for Greek mythology and the tremendous role it plays it his writing. In this second part of our interview, we learn more about his struggle to get published, as well as his own adventures […]