The Blood Crows

Author: Simon ScarrowPublisher: Headline

Just when you think the best book in the series following Macro and Cato has been written in the form of Praetorian, an even better one is produced. The Blood Crows sees Macro and Cato returning to the farthest reach of the Roman Empire, but not the Eastern edge. Oh no, this sees them returning to the cold Northern edge of the Empire: Britannia. The country supposedly conquered by Claudius on his visit to the country in The Eagle’s Prey.

However, all is not well in Britannia. The leader Caratacus, who was defeated and then pardoned by Claudius is up to no good once again. Despite some tribes having pledged their ‘allegiance’ to the Romans, many are still undecided and easily swayed as to who to nail their flag to in support, Rome or Caratacus.

We join Macro and Cato as they return to Britannia with a new companion, Macro’s mother. Her aim is to set up a successful business in a tavern in the south of the country. This presents Macro with somewhat of a distraction; as stoic as Macro may be he cares an awful lot about the safety of his mother, and with trouble already afoot in Britannia from the tribes and other elements of Rome, Marco and Cato are going to have to watch each other’s backs as closely as possible.

They may have subdued the attempts of Claudius’ valued ‘freedmen’ to assassinate the Emperor and replace him with their desired heir, but a freedman never forgets and will do whatever is necessary to have his revenge – even if that means posting Macro and Cato to the furthest most exposed fort in Britannia, in command of The Blood Crows.

This is a thrilling read that will keep you reading late into the night to find out what happens, as from the very start it has you enthralled! This has to be the best story yet following our two heroes Macro and Cato.

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