The Quality Of Silence

How far would you go for those you love? Arriving at an airport halfway across the globe – a last way station in a remote part of the world – Yasmin finds she would give, do or say anything to convince the authorities to go out looking for her husband Matt. He has gone missing after […]

The Future of Writing

A while back I was asked to reflect on a question about the rise of self-publishing and the supposed decline of the ‘professional’ look and feel of books that we have come to expect since the invention of the printing press 500 years ago. I was also invited to comment on concerns […]


The Wander Society

Do you ever get the feeling that there should be more to life? That what’s expected of you is in no way connected with who you are? That our connectivity – as we increasingly relate to each other’s lives through television, social media and video chat – tends to leave […]


Why The Dutch Are Different

Any tourist who has spent any time at all in Amsterdam, perusing one of the mandatory souvenir shops, will undoubtedly have stumbled upon many a T-shirt with the tagline “And as finishing touch, God created the Dutch.” I’ve always been undecided on whether this statement should be taken as delightfully […]


The Book of Legendary Lands

Magical journeys through strange and bewildering lands beyond the sight of the modern world of reason and reality have always held a strong fascination for me; one that science has never been able to fully replace. So when I noticed this hefty tome by the great Italian author Umberto Eco, […]

The Magic of Reading

Welcome to the new Edinburgh Book Review website! We hope you like the new design and layout, as well as this new Articles section. In this feature, our editors will take the time to share their thoughts on the world of books and discuss new and upcoming publications. We also […]

Steven A McKay’s interview with Glyn Iliffe

In the past, we’ve had our fair share of interviews with many talented authors sitting down with us to talk about their passion for literature, getting into what they think is the secret to writing a great novel. This time, we are going to try something a little different, because […]


The Voyage Of Odysseus

We love sharing stories. Whether written or told, they stay with us, becoming a treasured part of who we are. In that light, the longevity of some stories is just staggering. Told and retold for what could be three millennia – embellished and stripped back a thousand ways – the […]


Gus & Me: The Story Of My Granddad And My First Guitar

Growing up, my house was filled with music. All day long, my mother would put on her best records from the sixties, seventies and eighties, and crank up the volume while she was cleaning our living room or doing the laundry, singing along. I learned all about blues and rock […]

Interview with Simon Scarrow 

Over the last fifteen years, Simon Scarrow has made a name for himself as one of Britain’s most prolific writers of historical fiction. His immensely popular Eagle series has seen a new adventure almost every year since 2000. Number thirteen, Brothers In Blood came out last year. Apart from this […]