Return To Ithaca

The wait is over. A full year after the release of the rip-roaring penultimate entry in The Adventures of Odysseus, we are treated to the final leg of what has been a long and storied journey. Not least for author Glyn Iliffe, who can now look back on eighteen arduous […]


All That Man Is

What is man? It’s a question that has haunted many philosophers as well as writers. For lack of a better answer, I’d like to think it is the very act of asking this question that defines us. Until only very recently, humanity’s tale has been concerned with the fates of men […]


The Road To Vermillion Lake

I’ve always considered myself a post-modern guy – well, ever since I knew what it meant, anyway. And to its credit, this novel has forced me to reconsider my philosophical affiliation, and giving some serious thought to dropping the label altogether. Maybe I’m an old-fashioned romantic at heart after all. Vic […]

An interview with Sarah A. Chrisman

In this time of instant and universal email traffic, built-in grammar checkers, desktop publishing and online writing courses, do we ever stop and think just how writers got by in the olden days? Without having Wikipedia at their beck and call, or being able to drag their laptop to any […]


The Muse

As a reader, it’s a peculiar sensation to wonder whether an author might be confiding in you. Like breaking the fourth wall, there is no escaping the notion that the soul behind the page is choosing to bear its skin, rewarding your special attention to what’s written between the lines. Of course, […]


The Quality Of Silence

How far would you go for those you love? Arriving at an airport halfway across the globe – a last way station in a remote part of the world – Yasmin finds she would give, do or say anything to convince the authorities to go out looking for her husband Matt. He has gone missing after […]

The Future of Writing

A while back I was asked to reflect on a question about the rise of self-publishing and the supposed decline of the ‘professional’ look and feel of books that we have come to expect since the invention of the printing press 500 years ago. I was also invited to comment on concerns […]


The Wander Society

Do you ever get the feeling that there should be more to life? That what’s expected of you is in no way connected with who you are? That our connectivity – as we increasingly relate to each other’s lives through television, social media and video chat – tends to leave […]


Why The Dutch Are Different

Any tourist who has spent any time at all in Amsterdam, perusing one of the mandatory souvenir shops, will undoubtedly have stumbled upon many a T-shirt with the tagline “And as finishing touch, God created the Dutch.” I’ve always been undecided on whether this statement should be taken as delightfully […]


The Book of Legendary Lands

Magical journeys through strange and bewildering lands beyond the sight of the modern world of reason and reality have always held a strong fascination for me; one that science has never been able to fully replace. So when I noticed this hefty tome by the great Italian author Umberto Eco, […]