Interview with Daniel MacCannell

You have to love a writer who democratizes and demystifies subjects previously owned by experts. Bristol-based writer Daniel MacCannell has done just that for Scottish Architecture. A broad range of experience and personal interest helped him to distill the vast topic into easily consumable, hugely enlightening morsels of information. With How […]


How to Read Scottish Buildings

My father likes to tell a story about when he worked for a firm on Edinburgh’s George Street. He claims that every time an architectural-themed tour would pass under his window, he would lean out and bellow corrections at the poor sod mid-flow on the concept of Georgian facades. It […]


Scent and Subversion: Decoding a Century of Provocative Perfume

We live in an era where the labyrinth of online information threatens our concentration levels at every turn. So it is refreshing to find something abidingly educative arise from one person simply pottering around the Internet. Barbara Herman’s richly informative Scent and Subversion: Decoding a Century of Provocative Perfume is […]


In-Flight Entertainment: Stories

Still waters run deep with a writer like Helen Simpson. Famed for training her literary lens on the quiet dramas of domesticity; unhappy marriages wrapped in functionalism, harassed mothers gently loosing their minds in polite company, this new collection “In Flight Entertainment” both builds upon this reputation, and departs from […]


The Cookbook Collector

The organic and the technical meet, clash, and reunite in the pages of Allegra Goodman’s novel The Cookbook Collector. Opening in the Silicon Valley tech boom of 1999, the two sides of this spectrum are embodied by the sisters Emily and Jessamine Bach. Goodman, a self-declared Jane Austen fan, sketches the initial portrait of […]