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Our Story

Edinburgh Book Review was created by and for reading enthusiasts in the winter of 2010, when the Pentland Hills saw a lot of snow and book enthusiast Saskia spent many reading-hours indoors (OK, she also did a bit of sledging). She soon discovered that there were many who shared her interest in (Scottish) writing and connected with fellow readers online. Web developer Michael built the site and editor Wander joined the crew a couple years later, taking care of incoming reviews as well as introducing the popular author interviews.

With a growing contributor base, Edinburgh Book Review has become a valued website for book lovers, reviewers and authors alike, showcasing work by Scottish writers and publishers, as well as works from all over the world.

In 2017 Edinburgh Book Review launched its new website, including the brand-new articles feature where our editors share their thoughts on the world of reading and writing, new and upcoming publications as well as host articles from guest authors.

This website wouldn’t exist without the many volunteer contributors who read and review the books that we receive from authors and publishers. A huge thank you goes out to them for their time and invaluable input. We also thank the authors who so kindly agreed to be interviewed for our interview section, sharing knowledge about their work and the creative writing process. Lastly, we also thank the publishers and agents who make their books available to our reviewers.

If you’d like to get involved with Edinburgh Book Review, as a contributor, author or publisher/agent, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

Submit a book

We welcome publishers, agents and authors to submit their publications for review. Please read the submission guidelines and our book selection process carefully before submitting your book.

Edinburgh Book Review has an international audience with contributions from people all over the world. To keep our review coverage both diverse and inclusive, we aim to showcase books published by both large as well as small and independent publishing houses. We consider fiction, non-fiction, short story collections and poetry from authors and publishers worldwide, but especially welcome books that have a connection to Scotland.

Submission guidelines

These guidelines are for authors as well as publishers and agents who would like their book to be reviewed by Edinburgh Book Review.

Three-step review process:

1. Get in touch to let us know that a book is or will be available for review (ideally 2-3 months before its publication date). At this stage, we will consider the request and contact our reviewers to let them know that this book is available.

When submitting your request, please send us the following:

  • Title of the book
  • Author name
  • Publisher name and date of publication
  • A summary of the book, between 100-200 words
  • Book cover image (high resolution JPG, PDF or PNG)
  • Format information (whether the review copy is available as eBook and/or print)
  • Any other information that you think might be useful for our reviewers to know, such as genre, previous publications of that author, availability for author interview, etc.

The books that we consider for review must be no older than 2 years since its original publication date.

2. When one of our reviewers expresses an interest in your book (also see the selection process) we will get in touch with you to request the eBook and/or ask to send a print copy to the reviewer directly.

3. When the review has been written (and checked by one of our editors) it will be scheduled for publication. You will receive an email when the review of your book has been scheduled.

Please note that as we receive many book review requests, we cannot guarantee that we will review your book. But don’t let that hold you back!

Book selection process

There are two ways Edinburgh Book Review selects books for review:

1. A book is submitted
When a book is submitted (see submission guidelines), we let our reviewers know that it is available. When one of them expresses an interest to review the book, we will ask the submitter to send the book to us and/or to the reviewer directly. When the review is ready for publication, the submitter receives confirmation when it will go live.

2. We request a book
When Edinburgh Book Review is interested in a particular book, we will get in touch with the publisher directly to ask for a review copy. We will then review the book and let the publisher know when the review will be published.


There are several reasons why contributors join Edinburgh Book Review, but they all have one thing in common: they love reading books as well as writing about them! We regularly contact reviewers with a range of free books to choose from which is great if you like to explore new writing or want to have a chance to read a book before it hits the shelves. Edinburgh Book Review is also the place if you want to gain more writing experience and build a writing portfolio online.

If you are enthusiastic about books and want become a reviewer for Edinburgh Book Review, please send us an email with your name, why you’d like to join and a 400-600 word review of a book you’ve recently read. One of our editors will then be in touch and add you to our database.

Review guidelines

Any review that appears on our website should follow the following guidelines:

  • Your review should be between 400-600 words
  • Your review should be written in English
  • Your chosen book should have been published within the last 2 years
  • Your submission must be solely your own work. All work remains copyright of the author


If you are interested in advertising on Edinburgh Book Review, please get in touch.


I am a publisher / agent: how do I send in a book for review?
Please have a look at our how to submit a book section.

I am an author and have self-published my book. Will you review my book?
Self-published authors are welcome to send us a review request as per our submission guidelines. However, due to the volume of requests and our commitment to show a wide range of books from both individuals as well as small and large publishers, we cannot guarantee that your book will be reviewed.

Why should I submit a book to Edinburgh Book Review?
Our contributors are reading enthusiasts of all ages, interests and backgrounds. They review books because they like to read and be surprised by new writing. Getting your book reviewed by our independent reviewers is a great way of getting your books promoted. Please have a look at our submit a book section for more information.

I’m an avid reader and have reviewed a book. Can I submit it to your website?
Yes, we accept reviews of books that were not submitted to or requested by Edinburgh Book Review, as long as they are in line with the review guidelines. Please be aware that our editors review each submission before it is published. Have a look at our contributor section for more information.

Are you Edinburgh Review or The Scottish Review of Books?
No, we are in no way connected to literary journal Edinburgh Review or The Scottish Review of Books. Our story started in Edinburgh in 2010, when book-lover Saskia launched the site.

I am a publisher/ (online) bookshop. Can I advertise on your website?
Yes, you can. Please get in touch and have a look at our advertising guidelines. Please note that we do under no circumstances accept any payment to write reviews.

Can I use a quote from one of your reviews in my book or website?
You are welcome to use a quote from one of our reviews in your book or on your website, but please let us know so that we can let the relevant contributor(s) know. Please credit Edinburgh Book Review, the author who wrote the review and link back to our website.


To contact a member of our team, please send us an email of fill in the below form. You can also connect with us on Twitter and Facebook.