An interview with Sarah A. Chrisman

In this time of instant and universal email traffic, built-in grammar checkers, desktop publishing and online writing courses, do we ever stop and think just how writers got by in the olden days? Without having Wikipedia at their beck and call, or being able to drag their laptop to any […]


The Muse

As a reader, it’s a peculiar sensation to wonder whether an author might be confiding in you. Like breaking the fourth wall, there is no escaping the notion that the soul behind the page is choosing to bear its skin, rewarding your special attention to what’s written between the lines. Of course, […]


The Doll’s Alphabet

There are writers who have an unrelenting and at times elemental relationship to storytelling; writers whose entire worlds are contained within a single sentence. Camilla Grudova’s debut collection of stories, The Doll’s Alphabet, captures this definitive way of storytelling in conjuring up an immediate, uncanny world. One that is gothic, […]


The Quality Of Silence

How far would you go for those you love? Arriving at an airport halfway across the globe – a last way station in a remote part of the world – Yasmin finds she would give, do or say anything to convince the authorities to go out looking for her husband Matt. He has gone missing after […]


First Wheel In Town: A Victorian Cycling Club Romance

In an age where we use fast modes of transport like cars and trains, it’s hard to imagine that the United States were experiencing a very different kind of “wheel fever” in the 1880s. The invention of the bicycle and its rise in popularity (after the somewhat failed ‘velocipede’) changed […]


The Pricklebottoms

Mary Ann Wood’s debut book The Pricklebottoms is comprised of four short (and I mean short!) stories centred on a family of five anthropomorphic hedgehogs, parents with three children, living in a forest community made up of a variety of traditional woodland creatures. A classic, well-established setting for a children’s tale. […]


The Million Dollar Blog

When asked as a kid what I wanted to be when I grew up, I usually answered that I wanted to be a writer. This response was usually met with some surprise, because answers like ‘teacher’ or ‘police officer’ obviously were far more common. Nowadays, lots of young people want […]


Victoria: A Life

Over the years, A.N. Wilson has become renowned for his studied portraits of Victorian history. Now he has finally come around to attempt the impressive endeavour of chronicling the long and full life of Queen Victoria. The resultant biography succeeds in making an excellent first impression. To the book’s strength, […]


The Storyteller

Behind every great book is a good editor. This statement is not meant to dis any authors, but to illustrate that writers – especially those at the beginning of their writing career – greatly benefit from the help of a professional who not only checks for typos and grammar, but is […]

The Future of Writing

A while back I was asked to reflect on a question about the rise of self-publishing and the supposed decline of the ‘professional’ look and feel of books that we have come to expect since the invention of the printing press 500 years ago. I was also invited to comment on concerns […]