Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow

Most people are either not aware or don’t care that the most pressing and revolutionary change in our world is right on our doorstep. The advance and rise of the machines. Homo Deus is a book that tells the story of what happens next with the human species based on […]


Return To Ithaca

The wait is over. A full year after the release of the rip-roaring penultimate entry in The Adventures of Odysseus, we are treated to the final leg of what has been a long and storied journey. Not least for author Glyn Iliffe, who can now look back on eighteen arduous […]

Interview with Daniel MacCannell

You have to love a writer who democratizes and demystifies subjects previously owned by experts. Bristol-based writer Daniel MacCannell has done just that for Scottish Architecture. A broad range of experience and personal interest helped him to distill the vast topic into easily consumable, hugely enlightening morsels of information. With How […]


How to Read Scottish Buildings

My father likes to tell a story about when he worked for a firm on Edinburgh’s George Street. He claims that every time an architectural-themed tour would pass under his window, he would lean out and bellow corrections at the poor sod mid-flow on the concept of Georgian facades. It […]

Interview with Marian Dillon

Writing is a way of life for Marian Dillon, author of Looking for Alex and The Lies Between Us. After publishing several stories for children and young adults, she completed an MA in Creative Writing and joined a writer’s group. Her first adult novel Looking for Alex was published in 2013 […]


The Lies Between Us

The struggles of growing up, between mothers and teenage daughters, is excellently portrayed in Marian Dillon’s second adult novel The Lies Between Us. As with Looking for Alex, it takes the format of two parallel stories using flashbacks to let the past (from 1963, with mother Kathleen) catch up with […]


All That Man Is

What is man? It’s a question that has haunted many philosophers as well as writers. For lack of a better answer, I’d like to think it is the very act of asking this question that defines us. Until only very recently, humanity’s tale has been concerned with the fates of men […]


My (Not So) Perfect Life

Camping is not my thing. Although, I would like to visit the Somerset Glamping where Katie grew up in Sophie Kinsella’s latest novel My (Not So) Perfect Life! Not that she wants to be there. Her dream is to have a glamorous career in the fast-paced world of marketing in London. […]


The Road To Vermillion Lake

I’ve always considered myself a post-modern guy – well, ever since I knew what it meant, anyway. And to its credit, this novel has forced me to reconsider my philosophical affiliation, and giving some serious thought to dropping the label altogether. Maybe I’m an old-fashioned romantic at heart after all. Vic […]

An interview with Sarah A. Chrisman

In this time of instant and universal email traffic, built-in grammar checkers, desktop publishing and online writing courses, do we ever stop and think just how writers got by in the olden days? Without having Wikipedia at their beck and call, or being able to drag their laptop to any […]